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Two different ateliers in two different countries-

Sweden & Switzerland



Havdhem Snauvalds 708

One cloudy Autumn day in October when the trees were bare, I found Snauvalds.

This little farm felt like it had been forgotten for decades. The garden was completely wild with old fruit trees. Towering trees were covering the buildings. I didn’t know anything about Snauvalds, but I could feel my soul calming as I stepped into the garden. It was here I wanted to build my creative space and home!


This was October 2013 and in the spring my work started with two months of clearing out and burning. My first thought was to make my studio in the barn, but it was in too bad a state. So, while we built a new barn and studio, keeping all the old fixtures, I started working in the woodshed. 

Since 2016 I’ve been welcoming curious visitors to my studio to see my creations, and for those who would like to try themselves, I also lead workshops in making “flowers from metal.” 

Today I craft my flowers at the same place where the old cow “Flower” once stood. I hammer my metal on the anvil of my father who passed away way too early, and I live in,” Cat Annie’s” house, who I’ve got to know from all the stories being told by passerby, wishing us welcome to the farm. This place has many stories and now I’m creating new ones…



Avenue de la Gare 2

2020 my studio in Switzerland was inaugurated and the creative space LA VIRE was created. This studio is located in the heart of the village and is shared with other creative souls. 

Where the STUDIO is based- it was where the second grocery store in the village was opened 1914. 

A place full of stories!


Since 2013 I’ve been spending my winters in the Swiss alpine village of Gryon. 

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